Posted on: December 3, 2008 2:03 pm

How The Dominoes Will Fall

Baseball free agency has started with a snore. Despite the huge offering to CC Sabathia by the Yankees, nothing has happened yet. Everyone appears to be waiting to see where CC lands before doing any other business. However, when CC signs, expect desperation to set in and money to start flying (probably at the Winter Meetings).

CC has to sign first as he will set the value of all other free agents. CC wants to play in California and wants to bat, so expect him to sign with the LA Dodgers. Of course, that does assume that the Dodgers get somewhat close to the Yankees in at least number of years (6). When CC lands in LA, the Dodgers won't be able to afford Manny anymore, so Manny lands in Anaheim where he can still live more anonymously and play DH once in a while. That would be a potent duo with Vlad and Manny back to back (just like Big Papi and Manny before). Now Mark Teixiera is on the move and he wants East Coast and lands in Boston (truck load of money to outbid the Yankees).

The Yankees now have to ramp up there spending to get back into relevancy and sign AJ Burnett, Derek Lowe, and Adam Dunn. The Mets can't stand pat, so they spend on Bobby Abreu, Ben Sheets, and Francisco Rodriguez. Needless to say, the New York teams are still trying to buy their way into the playoffs. Once the big teams are done, everyone else will be rushing to sign what's left to fill holes.

The Red Sox will most likely finish their business trading some of their prospects for a catcher and maybe another starting pitcher.

Let's here some other Domino scenarios before the fun begins.
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